First Aid

The College’s First Aid is located in the Administration Building and is open from 8.30am – 3.30pm.

  • If you notice your child is unwell in the morning, please keep them home from school.
  • Parents will be contacted if students have reported to First Aid as injured or sick – students are not allowed to make their own arrangements to go home.
  • Parent/Guardian and Emergency contact details are critically important for when your child is in First Aid. Please ensure the College is updated if any changes to contact details occur.
  • Please notify First Aid staff of any current or past health issues or injuries so students can be treated accurately.
  • Parents are advised to collect students from First Aid and are required to sign their child out when collected.

Signing In and Out

Following our sign in and out procedure is crucial in our duty of care. If students become ill during the day, it is critical that they report to First Aid so a parent/guardian can be contacted. Students are not allowed to make their own arrangements to go home.

If a student is not ill and needs to leave school early, they are to report to the office with their parent approval note (or Compass approval) so they can be signed out.


NO medication should be in a student’s possession.

The only medication allowed to be carried by a student is Ventolin or similar asthma inhalers. Medication Authority forms are to be completed and signed by a parent/guardian before First Aid can administer medication eg. Paracetamol. If a signed form has not been obtained, parents will be called and verbal consent from parent/guardian will be obtained. Regular daily medication MUST be stored in First Aid and relevant documentation provided by the GP. It is preferable for medication to be given in its original prescribed package with details as to the dosage required.


We require all students who suffer from asthma to provide an Asthma Management Plan to First Aid at the start of every year.

Further information can be obtained from the College or visit:


Anaphylaxis is life threatening. An EPIPEN must be provided for anaphylactic students and must be renewed prior to the EpiPen date expiring. An Anaphylaxis Management and Action Plan must be completed yearly.

If a student’s EPIPEN expires and is not replaced they will not be permitted on camps/excursions.

Further information can be obtained from the College or visit:

Download DET Approved Medical Action Plans