Our History

Cranbourne West Secondary College was established in 2021 with our first day for students being 28th January 2021.

James Merlino MP, Minister for Education and Local Member, Pauline Richards officially opened the College on 29th January 2021.



In 2021, the school was funded on 195 students and finished the year with 205 Year 7 student enrolments. Staffing comprised of 19.8 teaching staff (FTE) including one Principal and two Assistant Principals. The school had 9.6 (FTE) Education Support staff. There are no staff of ATSI background. The school SFOE was 0.48, placing us in the medium band on the social disadvantage scale. Approximately 31% of students come from an EAL background and 3% were ATSI. 7 students were funded under the PSD Program.


  • Above 95% participation rate in NAPLAN with 74% of our students made high or medium gain in reading and 75% made high or medium gain in numeracy.
  • Average absence days per student were 6.3 across the year (15 days less than the state average).
  • A strong strategy to keep students engaged in school throughout the long remote period, including cameras on at all times, students to be in school uniform when on camera, a rigid adherence to the regular timetable and various wellbeing and engagement competitions and activities ensured that student engagement remained high. Daily contact with families and regular care package deliveries also enabled school, family and students to build strong connections.
  • Students identified very high levels of connectedness to the school, with 92.3% of students indicating a positive sense of connection to the school. Students also identified strong endorsement of the school’s management of bullying, with a 93.5% endorsement.