The Arts

The Visual and Media Art programs provide students with the opportunity to express their thinking and ideas through visual languages. Visual language can successfully communicate emotions, opinions, big ideas and observations through the skillful play with art elements and principles.

The arts support critical and creative thinking, our learning experiences encourage students to be resourceful and to find innovative solutions to solve problems or communicate ideas. Students explore of diverse materials and technologies.

In Visual Arts students can:

  • Participate in creative challenges
  • Use traditional and digital drawing tools and processes
  • Explore a range of painting experiences including watercolour, acrylic on paper and canvas
  • Make collages with a range of objects and materials
  • Create prints such as lino, monoprints and basic screen prints
  • Develop sculptures with clay and found objects
  • Visit galleries and respond to a variety of artworks from around the globe

In Media Arts students can:

  • Use digital photographic technologies and editing tools such as Photoshop
  • Plan, make and edit videos
  • Develop storyboards for animation and use technologies such as stop motion

At Cranbourne West Secondary College, we demonstrate the following understandings in our visual education:

  • Making art is an ongoing process of reflecting on and refining ideas
  • Drawing and mark making enhances our understanding of the world
  • Researching materials, techniques, and technologies forms an important part of the art making process
  • Analysis and appreciation of artworks can enhance our understanding about different cultures and societies