Mathematics develops students’ skills in problem solving, practical mathematics and formal written mathematics.

We aim to provide education that allows students to explore the curriculum in depth especially with key topics that are essential for future years of education. The mathematics curriculum is set up in a way that every student can achieve their personal best, where students can work at differing levels. At Year 7 – 10 the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics course is followed, where students develop skills in Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Probability and Statistics.

Furthermore, students develop the following skills:

  • Mathematical, ICT and numeracy skills that address individual student pathways.
  • Application of mathematical knowledge and skills to investigate, analyse and solve practical problems through problem solving.
  • Development good study habits and organisation as well as how to work in a group to achieve a common goal.

Extra-Curricular opportunities;

  • Maths Games Day
    Selected students in year 7 and 8 will be invited to participate in Maths Games Day challenges competing against other schools in problem solving tasks. Students will work collaboratively in teams to solve challenges that will extend their thinking and problem solving skills
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
    Students will be provided the opportunity to participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition which is an annual test that allows students to be challenged by solving worded problems. Students are presented with certificates of participation or acknowledged for achieving high results.