Our Principal & Leadership Team

Cranbourne West Secondary College is a new addition to secondary education in the Casey South area. We are proud to represent the aspirations of families and students in Cranbourne West and surrounding suburbs.

Our focus as a school is about assisting students to achieve their personal career objectives. As a school, we’ll be judged by the post-school outcomes our students achieve.  We value both vocational and academic outcomes and as such, we will offer programs that meet the needs of all of our students.

With a relentless commitment to consistency of teaching and learning practice, a strong investment in ICT and a College wide belief that students learn best when they feel safe and supported, we are a school that will endeavour to provide something for everyone.

Students play a key role in the decision making processes of the school, with an emphasis on voice and agency.  From input into uniform, curriculum options, and representation on committees and councils, our students are genuine partners in setting the direction of the College.

Our College motto – “Strength Through Diversity” represents our commitment to celebrate and grow stronger through all of our different personal stories.  Everyone is welcome at Cranbourne West Secondary College and is accepted and included.  Our overarching objective is about inclusion and excellence.

I encourage you to explore our website and to pay us a visit at one of our regular tours.

All the best,
Rob Duncan

Our Leadership Team